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iMetal Inc.
1150 Barmac Dr.,
Toronto, Ont.,
Canada M9L 1X5
Telephone: 416.745.0011
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Our History

Joe ZoldosiMetal was founded in 1974 by  Joe Zoldos under the name Toronto Kitchen Equipment Limited(TKE). Joe had many years experience working in metal fabrication and recognized an underserved market. He saw an opportunity to move into the manufacturing of products affiliated with industrial and institutional food service equipment, and founded his own company.

Joe was an innovative business man, who understood the value of service and integrity and worked hard to imprint these values on his business. He combined them with an unrelenting work ethic and a bold vision that helped to create products that shaped the mobile food vending landscape in Toronto.

During the 1960’s Joe helped to develop the Catering Box, integrating propane, refrigeration, electrical components and custom metal fabrication onto the back of a pick-up truck. These modified pick-ups are commonly referred to today as Coffee Trucks and still service manufacturing plants and construction sites all over Ontario every day. The decision to develop the technology and grow the mobile catering market allowed his company to grow. Through Joe’s willingness to explore new markets and innovate led the company to expand to the residential, grocery and construction industries with domestic and international clientele.

As times and the economic realities have changed, TKE’s willingness to innovate and pursue a diverse range of projects has allowed the company to continue to grow and evolve. A willingness to take on new challenges and difficult jobs has helped to expand the range and complexity of the projects iMetal is able to undertake today.

As the company’s core competencies changed TKE changed its’ name to properly reflect better our capabilities.  Our clients were no longer exclusively in Toronto and our range of work had expanded well beyond the manufacturing of kitchen equipment. Our name has changed, but our philosophy and fundamental values have not.

We still insist on following the same core values and principles that Joe founded the company on and made it so successful; Innovation, ingenuity and integrity. Welcome to iMetal
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