The iMetal team works with customer concepts and product design to produce unmatched results.

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From raw materials, the iMetal team works with customer concepts to produce unmatched results. Contact us and we'll be sure to make your dreams a reality...

PORTFOLIO Retail Projects

Custom Door Pulls

It's not often you open a door for another person and want to keep holding it open for the entire day! iMetal has created a beautiful door pull that will cause you to do just that.

iMetal Inc. is the premier manufacturer of customized door pulls.  We doubt you’ve seen a door pull that looks this good before!  The integration of sandblasted stainless steel, wrapped in leather, is very enticing for customers and employees alike. 

In a world where standing out in a crowd sometimes matters, iMetal has created a door pull that brings a real touch of class to doors.  Whether it is a frameless glass door or a solid wood door, iMetal has a custom pull that will draw attention to your entrance.

Contact our team to find out what idea's we have in store for your project, we're sure you'll be very pleased with the results!

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