The iMetal team works with customer concepts and product design to produce unmatched results.

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From raw materials, the iMetal team works with customer concepts to produce unmatched results. Contact us and we'll be sure to make your dreams a reality...

PORTFOLIO Special Projects

Custom Boardroom Table - Motorized

You need to impress upon your clients that you mean business. You've achieved a level of success, not only for you - but for others, and you've just lead your client into a room in which all of this occurs on a daily basis.

It's within this day and age that we see clients toting laptops and employees struggling with projectors.  How do you solve the ever present issue of powering and network enabling all of your electronic gadgets? 

iMetal has worked to solve this issue by way of creating a boardroom table that is motorized... not in a sense that you can drive the table out of the room.  Our boardroom tables allow you to hide all the messy cables, that you end up skewing all about your war room floor, and compartmentalizing them within a power assisted tidy console that is hidden from view.   

We, at iMetal Inc., understand the needs customers have.  We feel working with a client to develop a solution, that best fills their individual needs, is a day worth working.  Contact our team so we can help you through what you may feel is impossible.


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