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PORTFOLIO Special Projects

Nascar Hall of Fame

Inside the Nascar Hall of Fame, the Hall of Honour was decorated with custom fabricated architectural metal that displays the true challenges requested of our team and we succeeded!  iMetal was tasked with creating a display that would honour the true stars of Nascar.  With stainless steel tubing sliced in half, across the length, our team roll formed and applied a mirror finish to what would seem to be an impossible feature to create.  Once the towering structures of mirror polished and non-directionally finished stainless steel was internally illuminated, the applied images of inductee drivers created a sense of the accomplishment and honour. These Totems stand alongside actual cars driven by the inductees.

It was within the Heritage Speedway iMetal was asked to create structural steel ramps that we're fabricated to support historic vehicles and simulate the radii/slope of an actual Nascar Race Track.  But that's not all, iMetal custom fabricated housings for interactive displays found throughout the museum.

What's it like to walk a mile in the shoes of a Nascar driver?  Not sure, but we know what it feels like to be in the driver’s seat. iMetal created a housing for an actual Nascar driver's seat... see if you can spot it when you're there next.

Did you see The Fan Billboard when you went to Nascar Hall of Fame?  iMetal also custom fabricated the oversized structural housing that holds the screens and electronics which display video on what the Nascar Hall of Fame has named The Fan Billboard.  It's an impressive structure that measures approx. 40'-0" in width and 17'-0" in height. 

The team at iMetal was proud to fabricate these works.  Even more so when you consider our craftsmanship holds critical pc's of history that millions (over time) will view.  From the smallest artifact case holding toy cars, to static images of key events and people that have shaped a great sport. iMetal hopes you enjoy learning and experiencing the history of Nascar.

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