The iMetal team works with customer concepts and product design to produce unmatched results.

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PORTFOLIO Special Projects

Custom Motorized Track

It's was a new wave, cell phones. How does one of the largest cell providers display new product within their head office? A motorized track that carries merchandise on a hanging conveyer system, built by iMetal.

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Custom Mobile Fish Tank

Where would you turn if you had a need for a mobile fish tank? Not many fabricators would attempt a custom mobile fish tank, but that's just what iMetal completed with great success!

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Custom Boardroom Table - Motorized

You need to impress upon your clients that you mean business. You've achieved a level of success, not only for you - but for others, and that you've lead your client into a room in which all of this occurs on a daily basis.

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Seattle Seahawks Seating

What is an NFL player to do with his time between games? iMetal was asked to team up with creative others to manufacture a custom set of seats for NFL players; what they do in this seating might just be what helps them on the field...

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Nascar Hall of Fame

iMetal successfully completes architectural metal work for the Nascar Hall of Fame...

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