What type of Award Winning Projects are you looking to have us build?

Just sit back and take the glorified praise you'll receive when your sketches turn into a fabricated work of art...


Although they vary in size and complexity, the iMetal team works on thousands of projects each year. We understand that a Project is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and is typically constrained by a budget and deliverable's date.

By planning, organizing, managing our resources, as well as monitoring and controlling our procedures, we bring about successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

What type of Project do you have in mind? iMetal defines a project type by way of utilizing one of the following (3) main categories: Special Projects, Retail Projects & Residential Projects.

Special Projects

iMetal Special Projects

With a dedicated team of highly skilled staff, we at iMetal, work on some of the most prestigious projects from around the globe. What have we done in the past? Click through to find out...

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Retail Projects

iMetal Retail Projects

Retail projects are most often time sensitive and we at iMetal work hard to ensure that your store is the presentable work of art that you require to increase/maintain sales volume. Get started ...

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Residential Projects

iMetal Residential Projects

Of course your home is your castle, and iMetal will ensure that it is. Custom fabricated pieces for your home will be a joy to show off to your friends and family. Let us help you with your own personal...

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